Proyecta takes up the name of an independent initiative launched by some of the photographers who would later on end up creating the photographic collective Nophoto. Back then, projections were used as a way to diffuse young authors’ works, in places as enigmatic as were the Shooters billiard room and other non conventional places in Spain. For five years (from 2003 to 2007), monthly meetings (from January to June) were held, aimed at revealing the work of many authors who would have been hard to discover otherwise. It was a relaxed way to widen their look and be up to date with the contemporaneous creations of the time.

Later on, there were very interesting initiatives such as “fotoaplauso”, in which, without any ambition at all and in an improvised way, the work of many generations of photographers was shown in the streets of Madrid and other places in Spain. And, there were many other actions such as these.

Proyecta seeks therefore to revive those spaces of living together and exchange, without reducing them to the scope of the photographic world, but rather opening them to the public in general and the passers-by in particular, who, unexpectedly, in downtown Madrid, will bump into videographic works composed by photographic images performed by international creators.