Proyecta, curated by Sandra Maunac and organised by the Madrid Town Hall, has as its main purpose to become an annual meeting for the projection of contemporaneous images in the heart of Madrid, specifically in the “Plaza Mayor”.

For this first edition, Proyecta 2017, and in the desire to work on a topic, we suggest to imagine other possible realms.

With that goal we will offer a selection of videographic works by photographers of very different origins. It will therefore be an international selection, including both renowned authors and younger creators.

The chosen format, the projection of images on large screen outdoors, responds to the desire of taking photography to the street, thus highlighting its democratic nature, going out of the white cube and away from its commercial logic.

Proyecta 2017 is framed also within the Forum Madrid Capital of Peace, a world encounter organised by the Madrid Town Hall:
And takes part of the activities organized for the 4th Centenary of the Plaza Mayor: